TechTax Innovate

TechTax Innovate

Revolutionizing Taxation, Invoicing, Accounts and Audit through Digitalization & Automation

  5th Feb 2024 | 10 : 30AM - 01 : 30PM


Join us at the forefront of innovation in the heart of Saudi Arabia for a groundbreaking Forum on Digital Automation in Tax, Invoicing, and Audit Compliance.

Discover cutting-edge strategies, technological advancements, and transformative solutions revolutionizing fiscal processes. Engage with industry leaders, experts, and innovators as we explore the future of taxation, invoicing, and audit in the dynamic landscape of Saudi Arabia.

Uncover insights, network with pioneers, and harness the power of digitalization to propel your fiscal practices into a new era of efficiency and compliance.

Why Attend

Practical Implementations

Learn practical, actionable strategies and case studies showcasing successful implementations of digital solutions in tax optimization, streamlined auditing, and efficient invoicing within the Saudi context.

Cutting-Edge Insights

Explore the latest trends and advancements in digital strategies specific to Saudi Arabia’s fiscal landscape. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how technology is shaping taxation, auditing, and invoicing practices in the region.

Expert Guidance

Engage with industry experts, thought leaders, and tech pioneers who will share their expertise and insights on leveraging digital tools for optimizing tax processes, auditing efficiency, and invoicing accuracy.

Regulatory Insights

Gain valuable knowledge about the current regulatory landscape in Saudi Arabia concerning taxation, auditing standards, and invoicing requirements. Understand how digital strategies align with and support compliance

Key Themes and Topics

Regulatory Framework & Digital Taxation

Innovations in Auditing

Advancements in Invoicing Automation


10.30 AM – Arrival, Registration and networking coffee

10:55 AM – Opening Welcome Address

11:00 AM – Opening Keynote Address : Revolutionizing e-invoicing through Automation: Trends and Opportunities

11:30 AM – Panel : Future of Error free Invoicing & AI-driven Compliance Technologies

12:15 AM – Breakout Sessions / Trivia

12:30 PM – Duhur Prayer & Coffee Break

12:45 PM – Closing Keynote : Real life examples of navigating compliance in a tech driven era

01:30 PM – Networking Lunch


Our Speakers

Ankur Agrawal

Senior Director & Business head, Cleartax

Essam AlBakr

CEO, Ejada Investment

Chethan Kumar

AVP -Design & Process Excellence, NOON

Fatimah Al Ghafli

Head of IT, King Fahad Medical City


Suhail Akthar

Head of IT, Almozaini Real Estate

Awais Ahmad

IT & PMO Director, e & enterprise

Attendee Profiles

CIO, CTO, Director & VP - IT, Director & VP - Finance From Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Tax Professionals & Consultants : Individuals specializing in tax law, compliance, and advisory services seeking insights into automated tax solutions to enhance accuracy and efficiency.

Finance and Accounting Executives : CFOs, Controllers, and Accounting Managers aiming to optimize invoicing processes, reduce errors, and ensure regulatory compliance through digital automation.

Auditors and Compliance Officers : Professionals responsible for ensuring audit standards, risk management, and regulatory adherence interested in leveraging digital tools for precise and thorough auditing.

Technology Leaders and Innovators : Individuals developing or implementing software solutions geared toward automating tax, invoicing, and auditing processes.

Job titles


Director & VP - IT, Finance, Audit Managers, Heads of Compliance & Tax, Head of Accounts

Director, VP - Finance




Energy & Utilities





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